Do you have a traffic concern? Take a look through the City’s Traffic Calming Management Manual to learn about the City’s goals, objectives and policies for traffic management on the City’s roads. Page 9, in particular, outlines the criteria used by the City to determine if a traffic calming solution is necessary in a specific area. The manual also includes sections that explain the steps you should take to initiate a traffic management study within your neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Traffic Issues

The Florida Section (District 10) of the Institute of Transportation Engineers has compiled a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding traffic issues, as part of their Traffic Information Program Series (TIPS).

Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Long Range Transportation Plan for Broward
The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) invites participation in the development of South Florida's long range transportation plan, Commitment 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and would like you to get involved.  Visit Commitment 2045 for the latest updates, and also check out the Interactive Project Map.