Storm Drain Markers

Storm Drain MarkerYou may have noticed storm drain markers on storm drain grates around the City.  These markers serve to remind us all that anything that enters a storm drain ends up in our waterways untreated.  Only stormwater should flow into these grates.  Streetside storm inlets should never be used for dumping lawn clippings, trash, food, grease, chemicals or any other materials.  This underground network of piping leads directly to YOUR public waterways!  Please instruct your lawn service and maintenance companies to NOT blow your yard's materials into the street.  Also, please keep in mind that only City workers and registered contractors are authorized to work on the grates.  If you see someone other than a City employee dumping waste, or working on the grate or drain marker, please immediately report it to the Wilton Manors Police Department at (954) 390-2150.