A swale is a commonly used stormwater practice wherein a shallow ditch is placed alongside the street at the front of a property. A swale allows for temporary ponding or channeling water to storm drains, resulting in less street flooding, and also reduces the pollution of water bodies by filtering the runoff before it reaches a drain. Unlike ditches, swales are not deep or with straight sides; they have gently sloping sides and are wider than they are deep (usually a 6:1 ratio).

It is the adjacent property owners responsibility to maintain these open pathways and reduce roadway flooding.  If your swale is paved, please consider removing asphalt in these areas and replacing with sod or drainage pavers if used for parking.  Contact The utilities department if you would like to discuss your options.

Did You Know? . . . . .

Abandoned Car in the Grass

Only Property Owners May Park on Their Swales

Please note that City Ordinance Sec. 19-34 provides that, except in the City's Arts & Entertainment District, only the owners or occupants of a property may park on the public right-of-way (or swale area) adjacent to their property, or may give permission to guests to park on their swale.