Garbage Collection

Please visit the Garbage and Recycling Services Homepage for NEW 2024 collection information!

North West Zone:  Your garbage collection is on Monday and Thursday.

South East Zone: Your garbage collection is on  Tuesday and Friday.

**NOTE: Properties on the south side of NE 26 Street, between N Andrews Ave and 5-Points, with a mailing address of "NE 26 Street" will be picked up with North West collections.  There is no change from the previous collection schedule**

By 7 a.m. on your garbage collection day, but not before the evening prior, your blue garbage cart must be placed within five (5) feet of the street. It is important for you always to have the cart facing the street with space between adjacent carts.  After the garbage has been collected, you are required to remove the empty cart, by the end of the same day, to an area that is not visible from the street.  Please call (954) 390-2190 if your trash has not been collected by 5 p.m. on your garbage collection day. 

Additionally, please refer to the Collection Schedule Calendar and Map for more information.Garbage Cart  (Overstuffed) (3).jpg The photo at right shows a garbage cart that was far too overfilled for the City's contractor, Coastal Waste & Recycling, to be able to service. In order for their mechanized system to work, the lid of the garbage cart must be closed. In the example shown, the contents of the cart would not make it into the garbage truck, but would end up on the street.

Tree Trimming Disposal

The City of Wilton Manors’ contract with Coastal Waste & Recycling does not include the removal of excessive tree trimmings. Any trimmings that do not fall within the guidelines for regular trash pickup must be disposed of by the property owner, or placed at the curb for bulk pickup according to the annual Bulk Collection Schedule and Instructions.

If you hire a tree service to trim for you, they must dispose of the trimmings as a part of their service, or you will need to hire a private collection service. For small to medium disposal, please check the Yellow Pages under “Trash Hauling” (or search for it online) for disposal service. For large amounts of debris, it may be necessary to use a dumpster service – a list of companies franchised to provide this service within the City is available from the Community Development Services Department at (954) 390-2180.