Generation at Wilton Manors

1225 NE 24 Street

Generations 1
Generations 2

The proposed project consists of a six (6) story mixed use building with 190 residential units and approximately 8,500 square feet of commercial use including a two (2) story 3,948 square foot free standing commercial building and a dog park to be located at the northwest corner of NE 24 Street and NE 13 Avenue. As a condition of approval of the project, agreements are required to be approved by the City Commission. These agreements are currently under staff review prior to scheduling for City Commission approval. City Commission approval is also required for rezoning, plat and vacation of rights of way applications. The rezoning and vacation applications were approved at First Reading on July 11, 2023 by the City Commission. The rezoning and vacation applications are pending scheduling for City Commission for Second Reading along with the plat application, request to allocate flexibility units, and agreements. The applications can be scheduled for City Commission once the agreements have been approved by City Staff.

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