Biking is Just Better Here in Wilton Manors

The City of Wilton Manors is committed to promoting a greener, more sustainable future. Our urban village is full of bicycle and pedestrian friendly roadways, as well as parks and open spaces to enjoy nature- all fun to explore by bike.

Shopping, dining, and recreational amenities in our Island City are close enough to our neighborhoods that you could leave the car at home and get to where you're going on two wheels instead of four!  

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Bike One Out of Seven ChallengeConsider leaving the car at home one day a week and biking around town.

Why make the switch to traveling by bike when possible?

1. It's cost effective

Traveling by bike cuts down on car expenditures such as gas, maintenance, higher mileage lease options, and overall general upkeep of your vehicle. 

2. Your commute doubles as a work out

Instead of sitting behind the wheel, get your legs, heart, and lungs pumping during a bike ride. The exercise of riding your bike may send a boost to your brain, making you feel happier and more content after a morning or afternoon ride. Combine this with the increase in your daily amount of Vitamin D (but remember to apply sunscreen!), and you may even get a better night's sleep!

3. Plenty of parking options

Don't waste time looking for a parking spot or paying the meter. Utilize one of the city's 36 bike racks.

4. It's better for the environment and your neighborhood 

Choosing a bike over a car helps reduce wear and tear on public roads, emits less pollution into the air, creates less traffic and congestion for other cars, and cuts down on noise in your neighborhood. Even making the switch to biking a few times a week instead of driving will make a big impact on our environment. 

5. Find new and unexpected things in the community

By making the switch to a different route and routine, you may find new little treasures in our Island City that you didn't know were there before. Biking is a great way to observe your surroundings and spot new, interesting things. 


Important Florida Bike Laws

  • In Florida a bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle and the bicyclist as a driver. Bicyclists have the same rights to the roadways, and must obey the same traffic laws as the drivers of other vehicles. (F.S. 316.2065)
  • Bicycle riders should ride on the right side of the road. In other words, you need to ride with traffic, not against it. Riders should utilize bike lanes or the road's right-hand curb area. (F.S. 316.081)
  • Cyclists may ride on the sidewalk in Florida, but a cyclist on the sidewalk has all the same rights and duties as a pedestrian. (F.S. 316.2065)
  • Just like driving a car, cyclists must signal their next move. To signal you are turning left, extend your left arm horizontally. To signal you are turning right, extend your right arm horizontally or the left arm upward. To signal you are stopping or reducing your speed, point your left arm and hand down. (F.S. 316.155 and F.S. 316.157)
  • Distracted biking is similarly problematic to distracted driving. Cyclists are prohibited from wearing a headset, headphone, or any other listening device, unless it's a hearing aid. (F.S. 316.304)

Bike Lanes in Wilton Manors and throughout Broward County

Getting ready to plan your next ride through the Island City? The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) created an interactive bike map for Broward County that identifies all the available bike lanes - I know we are pretty excited about it too because we know it will help make Life Just Better Here.  Using the map, Zoom in on Wilton Manors to plan your route depending on your level of experience and comfort. Some of the key factors that play into the suitability rating for each bike path include traffic volumes, speed limits, number of travel lanes, and type of bicycle facility.

Bike Lane Safety Tip: When traveling in a bike lane, the green colored surfacing or white bike road markings are safety features that communicate to road users that a portion of the roadway has been set aside for bicyclists. When the markings are no longer being used, that's your signal that the bike lane has ended.

When using the map, you may filter by type of bike lane, level of difficulty, and more. 

Click here to view the Broward MPO Interactive Bike Map.

Click here to view a PDF version of the map and additional safety tips.

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Bike Rack Locations in Wilton Manors

There are a total of 36 bike racks in Wilton Manors. The link below is to a Google Map that shows the locations of existing bike racks (blue icons). The map is interactive. When you click the bicycle icons, you will see the street address of the racks, the rack design, and how many bikes each one holds.

Click here to view the Google Map of bike racks.

Bike Rental Locations Near Wilton Manors

1. Carvelle Bikes at the Wilton Collective (rentals and repairs)

2. Broward B-Cycle stations

Local Bike Riding Groups