Life's Just Greener Here

In December 2019, the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact released its latest unified sea level rise projections, and the results are frightening. One expert  says sea level is now rising one inch every three years.  Flooding is certain to increase, even without increased rainfall. There is no doubt that temperature is increasing, as are the number of severe weather events. 

Also, resources like water and other precious materials we need to live are limited and we need to be mindful of this fact. The City aspires to serve as an example to our residents and businesses to conserve, use, reuse and recycle everything possible. Carbon in the atmosphere is posing a real threat to humanity and we have to do our part to reduce that threat. 

What Can You Do?

As the City rolls out efforts to increase our resiliency and energy efficiency, we hope you will watch this space for the latest information, and maybe start your own efforts to safeguard your homes and businesses and reduce your carbon footprint too.  Here are some links that can get you started. 


Residential energy consumption is the single highest generator of carbon in Wilton Manors. Know your baseline, and work to reduce it.  To jump start your efforts, click here to use the carbon calculator.

  conservewater Opens in new windowReducing your water consumption, especially during the summer months, can make a huge impact on preserving our most precious resource.

Plants offer so many benefits, like air purification! Plant more trees in your yard and reduce single-use plastic consumption to help preserve our environment.

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