Cosponsorship Policy & Procedure


The Leisure Services Department Director may authorize co-sponsorship of activities and special events in collaboration with non-profit organizations whose purpose defined in their bylaws or in their operational history, is to provide a desired recreational, cultural or community services.  The Leisure Services Department will only consider co-sponsoring a program that meets the follow criteria:

  1. The non-profit organization’s membership is open to the public and does not discriminate in any manner against any person on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, religion, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, veteran status, marital status, medical condition, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other category protected by federal, state or local laws.
  2. The proposed activity or special event is consistent with the Leisure Services Department’s recreational, cultural or community priorities; provides a public benefit; and, is accessible to all members of the public.
  3. The program does not charge general admission to enter.
  4. Fundraising is not the primary purpose of the program. However, the Leisure Services Department may consider programs where the sale of goods or services (for example, food sales or pony rides) are sold if the proceeds are dedicated to a recreational purpose.


  1. The non-profit organization shall submit an application requesting the Leisure Services Department cosponsor an activity or event at least of 90 days prior to the program. If size and/or nature of the program requires a City special event permit, the non-profit organization will be referred to the City’s Special Event Application process. 
  2. Prior to approval the Leisure Services Department Director, or designee will review the application and confirm the following:
    1. Minimum requirements established in items #1 through #4 in the above policy are met.
    2. The proposed event provides a general recreational benefit.
    3. The Leisure Services Department has the available resources and that the commitment requested by the non-profit organization is feasible. If the resources requested for the planning and execution of the event are not available, the City cannot co-sponsor the event.
    4. The event complies with all applicable Leisure Services Department policies and all applicable federal, state and local laws, including any approvals or permits from other City departments or other government agencies.
    5. The requested park facility is available and the proposed event would not negatively impact any pre-existing park uses.
    6. The proposed event is not a political activity and the proceeds of any fundraising will not be used to support political activity or a political action committee.
  3. Co-sponsored Events are not subject to applicable fees in the City Fee Schedule.
  4. Co-sponsorship does not waive any costs and fees assessed by other City departments associated with the event or any required permits, personnel, or resources provided by those departments.
  5. The non-profit organization, their subcontractors, and vendors shall provide proof of public liability and property damage insurance as specified by the Leisure Services Department Director at least 30 days prior to the event.
  6. The Leisure Services Department will attempt to seek input on co-sponsorship from the Recreation Advisory Board if the Board can accommodate the item on its agenda within a reasonable time.
  7. If a quorum cannot be reached or the Recreation Advisory Board does not meet with sufficient time to provide input on co-sponsorship of the event, the City will approve or deny co-sponsorship without Recreation Advisory Board input.
  8. The Leisure Services Department will provide written approval or denial of the event within 30 days of the submission of the Co-sponsor Special Event Application.
  9. The Leisure Services Department Director may approve a co-sponsorship request by a non-profit or governmental organization when it is determined to provide a reciprocal value or resource sharing to benefit the City. 
  10. This policy is limited to co-sponsored events. The use of park facilities for a non-profit organization’s meetings and programs are subject to the Department Fee Schedule.

Application for Cosponsorship