About Our Waterways

Wilton Manors is surrounded by the North and South Forks of the Middle River, which is why we are called the “Island City”. The river provides a wealth of entertainment, recreational, environmental, economical, and educational opportunities. Wilton Manors has five city parks located along the river, which include Island City Park Preserve, Donn Eisele Park, Snook Creek Boat Ramp, Richardson Historic Park & Nature Preserve, and Colohatchee Park & Boat Ramp. The waterways are home to a vast array of birds, mammals, and aquatic life. Some rare and endangered species can be found with in the waterways, such as the Wood Stork and Manatee. Colohatchee Park and Richardson Historic Park & Nature Preserve are urban habitats for many native species of birds, plants, animals, and trees. With the help of residents of the City, Wilton Manors became the 17th City in the United States to become a Certified National Wildlife Habitat. Many of our parks and certified through the NWH and include, Hagen Park, M.E. DePalma Park, Donn Eisele, Island City Park Preserve, etc. In addition, many residents have certified their yards as National Wildlife Habitats and to date there are over 200 certified yards.

Photo of waterways Photo of officer patrolling the waterways Photo waterway