Fire Services

​The City of Wilton Manors Fire Prevention Division performs annual fire inspections on every commercial and multi-family residential building in the City.  State statute requires the Fire Department to inspect these buildings as often as necessary but not less than annually.  The City's Fire Marshal and Fire Inspector performed 1,612 annual fire inspections during Fiscal Year 2018.

Fire Inspection Checklist


  • Emergency lights are working
  • Illuminated exit lights are working
  • All aisles and walkways are clear
  • Improper locks have not been added to exit doors

exit sign
fire extinguisher

Fire Protection

  • All fire extinguishers are annually serviced and tagged
  • All fire extinguishers are unobstructed
  • Fire extinguisher cabinets are not broken

Fire Alarms

  • Fire alarm has been annually tested and certified
  • Fire alarm control panel is locked
  • Fire alarm reads "All Systems Normal"
  • All fire alarm components are not obstructed 
  • Fire alarm breaker switch is locked
  • "Fire Alarm Inside" signs on doors leading to fire panel

Sprinkler, Backflow, and FDC

  • Fire sprinkler system has been annually tested
  • Fire backflow preventer has been annually tested
  • Backflow preventer is chained and locked
  • All life safety components are unobstructed
  • Standpipe and FDC couplings swivel freely


  • Knox box gate switch works (if applicable)
  • No storage in meter rooms
  • Address signs are visible
  • Roof truss signs are visible (if applicable)
  • MSDS sheets are up to date
  • Extension cords are used correctly, not for permanent use
  • Hazardous materials are properly identified with a NFPA 704 placard
fire alarm
This checklist is simply used as a guide to assist with annual fire inspections.  For more information on fire codes please refer to the Florida Prevention Code Book.