Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations This Criminal Investigations Bureau is supervised by the Detective Sergeant and is comprised of four Detectives. Detectives are responsible for investigating crimes including misdemeanors and felonies. Detectives assist Road Patrol Officers with ongoing investigations which may include deaths, sex crimes, missing persons, child abuse, robbery, burglaries, narcotics violations, auto thefts and fraud.

The primary responsibilities of the Detectives is to conduct follow-up investigations, collect evidence, recover stolen property, store all evidence, personal property, and to identify and apprehend criminal offenders.

To contact the Criminal Investigation Unit call 954-390-2178.

Broward County Crime Stoppers

When a citizen has information about criminal activity they are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers and report their information anonymously. A control number is provided and the caller is instructed to check back with the office every 60 days to ascertain the status of their information. In addition, when a police department has a case that needs to be brought before the public, they call the Broward County Crime Stoppers Unit. The Unit of trained specialists arrange for a televised reenactment or other forms of media exposure. In the presentation, the public is asked for information about the crime with the assurance that the caller will remain anonymous. If the tip results in an arrest, the tipster is eligible for a monetary reward of UP TO $1000.

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