Registered Sex Offenders

Sexual Offenders/Sexual Predators

The Wilton Manors Police Department will follow and enforce all laws and ordinances set forth according to state and local ordinance.  Please visit the Municode website for the most updated ordinances.

Below is a list of registered Offenders/Predators in the City of Wilton Manors. You can also go to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website to search the entire State of Florida. Wilton Manors currently has no Sexual Predators and 7 Sexual Offenders. 

Sexual offender / predator map
** Registered sex offenders / predators should be aware of the this map.
The purple shaded areas are the ONLY exempt addresses in our city.

                          *** ALERTS ***
- None at this time
- Richard Tolbert - Transient / At Large
Tolbert Alert

  • None
  • Richard Tolbert - Transient / At Large
  • Alan Carter - 2631 NE 14th Ave. Apt. 408
  • Toufic Mustupha Bilal - 2310 NE 5th Ave. Apt. 5
  • Steven Campo - 2007 NE 3rd Ave. Apt. 7
  • Andrew Joseph Freund - 9 NE 19th Ct. Apt. C-210
  • Charles James - 2312 NE 6th Ave.
  • Christopher Sommer Holmes - 2101 NE 18th Ave.
For additional information on the local sex offenders contact the Criminal Investigations Supervisor at 954-390-2178.