Traveling Con Artists

Extra Asphalt Offer is a common scam of the traveling con artist. It works when a nice person knocks on your door and tells you they are paving a driveway in the neighborhood and have extra asphalt. They will tell you that it’s your lucky day and that they will resurface your driveway for a fraction of the normal price. They are experts at putting you at ease and convincing you to agree. 

Once you agree to their “deal” they will ask you for a cash down payment and say they will return with the truck to do the work. Sometimes they leave with your money and never return. Other times they return, but put down the asphalt without preparing the area and it is so thin it only lasts a couple of months. It will look good until weeds come through or it starts to break up under the weight of a car or heat of the sun. 

Asphalt is expensive and a good driveway repair company calculates the amount they are going to need and rarely has leftover asphalt. They usually throw it away because they would never have enough to actually properly resurface another driveway. Never give cash or do business with a person going door to door. Unfortunately, most are con artists in search of their next victim. If anyone comes to your door offering you a great deal on any repair work call the Police Department to check them out. If they are a legitimate business then the Officer will be able to determine that.

“My car broke down” is also a common scam of these con artists. How it works is a nice woman with a child or two will knock on your door and tell you her car broke down. The woman or children are trying to get inside your home. Often the woman will make small talk, ask to use the telephone, or ask for water for her children. Once she is able to occupy you the real experts, the children, know to dart into a bedroom and look for jewelry or cash. These small children have been trained the difference between costume jewelry and the real stuff. They know they have a few minutes to go room to room taking anything of value. Who would suspect a small child? If they are caught the woman will scold the children and go outside to punish them. You will probably never see them again. They rush to their car with all of your belongings they were able to take. NEVER BE TRICKED INTO LETTING ANYONE INTO YOUR HOME. Leave them outside and contact the Police who will be able to assist them. When people knock on your door or you see someone in your neighborhood that doesn’t belong call Wilton Manors Police Department.