Common Code Violations

Man Walking a DogDogs and cats shall not stray or run at large. Any dog or cat running at large may be impounded by animal control. Dog owners are responsible for controlling the dog by restraint of a leash. No person walking a dog or cat shall allow the dog or cat to defecate upon private or city property unless defecation is removed by such person. No person shall harbor any dog which continually barks, howls or yelps, or any cat which continually whines, meows, cries or howls to the discomfort of the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. No person shall possess more than four (4) dogs per dwelling. This limitation does not apply to a litter of puppies under the age of six (6) months old. This section does not apply to any establishment wherein dogs are kept for breeding, sale, sporting purposes or boarding.

The owners, residents, tenants or other person having possession or occupying any real property shall maintain that property, including the public right of way, swales and canal banks. This includes cutting and maintaining lawn and weeds so as to not exceed eight inches in height. Swimming pools are to be maintained with clear water and a properly running pump and filter. Swimming pools are required to have a safety barrier such as a screened porch or six (6) foot fence, with self-closing and self-latching devices.

Red Junk CarParking or storing of unlicensed or inoperable vehicles in prohibited. A valid license tag is required to be attached to all vehicles including motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer or boat trailer. Only one (1) commercial vehicle of not more than one (1) ton capacity may be parked or stored in a residential district. This vehicle may be stored in a garage, carport or driveway.

Green Trash Can

Trash receptacles may be placed in the public right of way for a period of time necessary for collection. Trash receptacles may be placed adjacent to the sidewalk or street the preceding night and during the day of pickup. The trash receptacle shall be returned to the approved location the same day they are set out for collection. Trash receptacles may not be stored in the public right of way. A violation of this section may result in a courtesy notice of violation being issued by the Code Compliance Division. If compliance is not achieved, then a notice of hearing will be issued to the owner of record to appear before the Special Magistrate and a fine could be possibly be imposed.