Open House

“OPEN HOUSE…” Probably the single most effective and widely used advertisement tool for a realtor is the hallmark “OPEN HOUSE” yard sign. While we recognize the value of this sign while conducting an open house, we must also request that you abide by the framework of Municipal Ordinance as stated below. Our signage Ordinances defines this type of sign as a “Snipe” sign:

“A sign of any material when attached in any way to trees, telephone poles, utility poles, stakes, fences, benches, trash receptacles or other objects, where such sign may or may not apply to the premises upon which the sign is located, and including cardboard signs on sticks and similar signage materials.”

Sec. 145-070.-Prohibited signs: All signs not expressly permitted under this Article or exempt from regulation here-under in accordance with the previous section are prohibited. Such signs include, but are not limited to:

(H) Off-premise signs.


Sec. 145-080. - Signs in the public right-of-way. No signs shall be allowed in the public right-of-way, except for the following….”


Additionally, please ensure that signs are collected at the conclusion of your open house. Signs left behind on public right-of-ways will be disposed of by Code Compliance.

Miscellaneous Sign Regulations

*The following will provide you with general information relating to real estate signs.

Sec. 145.150(F): Real Estate signs may be freestanding, attached to a fence or freestanding wall, or attached to a building or window facing streets and waterways.

  1. Permit: Not required.
  2. Maximum number: One sign per street and waterway frontage and up to one open house sign per lot.
  3. Maximum height: Six (6) feet in the RS and RD Districts and ten (10) feet in all other districts.
  4. Maximum sign area for freestanding signs:
    a. RS, RD, RM, RO, and ROSC districts: Four (4) square feet with up to three (3) suspended strip signs of not more than one and one-quarter (1.25) square feet each; for open house signs, three (3) square feet.
    b. All other districts: Twenty-four (24) square feet
    d. Signs may be double-faced provided the information on both sides is identical.
  5. Maximum sign area for building and window signs: Three (3) square feet.
  6. Time period: Must be removed within seven (7) days of the sale or lease of the premises upon which the sign is located. Open house signs are only permitted while the owner or agent is on the premises.
  7. Signage copy: Copy is limited to the following, and to similar copy as determined by the Director:
  • "For Sale," For Lease," "For Rent," or a combination thereof
  • The name of the Real Estate Broker or Realtor or the name of the owner or manager and/or "By Owner;"
  • A designation following such name as being either a Realtor, Broker, or owner in lettering not to exceed four (4) inches in height
  • The telephone number(s) of said Realtor, Broker or Owner
  • The words, "Appointment Only," "Waterfront," "Pool"
  • The size of the property and/or building and for all districts other than RS and RD, the zoning information and permitted use of the property may also be displayed