Garbage and Recycling Collection

Keeping Our Island City Clean

Regular Garbage Collection

By 7 a.m. on your garbage collection day, but not before the evening prior, your blue garbage cart must be placed within five feet of the street. It is important for you always to have the cart facing the street.  After the garbage has been collected, you are required to remove the empty cart by the end of the same day, to an area that is not visible from the street.  Please call (954) 390-2190 if your trash has not been collected by 5 p.m. on your garbage collection day.

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Recycling Collection

The City of Wilton Manors has a single-stream recycling system, which means you can place all of your recyclables together in the same green roll-out cart, without sorting. Each resident is provided with one green recycling cart.  Additional carts are available for a small monthly fee, and may be obtained by contacting City Hall Utility Billing at (954) 390-2145 to schedule a delivery and have this added to your utility bill.

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Bulk Trash Collection

The City provides once-a-month bulk trash pickup for single-family residences and multi-family residences up to six units. There are also four scheduled bulk trash pickups each year for most condo/townhome complexes.

The City’s Code defines bulk waste to include, but not be limited to discarded appliances or parts thereof, furniture, metals, building materials, machinery or parts thereof, and other similar items. Items which are left in front of properties outside of the collection window will be issued a notice by our Code Compliance Unit, and if not picked up within three (3) working days, the City will pick up the bulk and charge the property owner by placing the costs on the water bill. Properties may also receive citations or be scheduled to a Code Compliance Special Magistrate Hearing, where fines and liens may be assessed against the property.  

By following the City’s collection schedule, reporting illegal dumping, and reporting hard junk that is out when it is not supposed to, we can help clean up these issues and continue to make progress. The bulk collection schedule may be found behind every water bill, in every Town Crier, or at the City website. A magnetic calendar showing all collection schedules may be mailed to you by calling 954-390-2190. In order to report illegal dumping, please contact our Police non-emergency number at 954-764-4357(HELP). To report bulk waste, please contact Code Compliance at 954-390-2151. Thank you for helping us make life better here. 

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It is important not to place bulk trash outside more than three days prior to removal day. The owners, resident, tenant, or other person having possession or being in charge of or occupying any real property within the City shall not permit hard junk to be stored, maintained, or otherwise kept on any real property in the City. Any such person is required to provide for the removal of any hard junk within three (3) working days following receipt of notice by the City in accordance with this section. A courtesy notice will be issued as a first offense and a notice of violation with summons if not complied. The Code Compliance Unit will be focusing on trash placed out before collection day(s) and other nuisance. Let’s keep our City clean and free of trash! 

Please help our city preserve a high standard of maintenance by submitting your concerns as follows:

  • In-person/by mail: 2020 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305
  • By phone: (954) 390-2151
  • By email: