Crime Prevention

No CrimeOn a recent case, Wilton Manors Police Officers responded to a resident’s call for assistance. The victim was out walking her dogs when she was alerted by her RING camera of a suspect inside her enclosed patio trying to gain unlawful entry into her residence. Officer Bickhardt-Graziose came around the corner and was flagged down by the victim. Officer Bickhardt-Graziose, Officer Sanchez, and Officer Gil made contact with the suspect, who began to resist their attempt to detain him. FLPD K9 Scola assisted, and the suspect was taken into custody.

On another incident which occurred just prior, the victim was returning from Publix at 11:30 PM when she observed two suspects rummaging through the back of her vehicle. The suspects fled while carrying several bags taken from the vehicle. The victim and her boyfriend chased the suspects and were able to recover the stolen bags but let the suspects go after recovering the bags. 

What should you do if you were the victim in similar circumstances?

  • Do not confront the suspects.  
  • Dial 911 and give the operator as much descriptive information as possible (e.g., Height, weight, hair color, gender, race, clothing, the direction of travel, and vehicle descriptors.)
  • Wait for officers to arrive before entering back into your home to make sure that other suspects are not inside.
  • Provide the best description of the property taken. Receipts, serial numbers, and other identifying information establish more proof for officers to arrest and prosecute. 
  • Give the officer reliable contact information for the follow-up investigation.  Many cases that result in arrest will require a detective to complete the case file and take statements.  


Wilton Manors Police Department Officers actively patrol neighborhoods and often respond in minutes to emergency calls.  Don’t place yourself or your family in jeopardy by engaging in a situation that could result in you getting injured.  

Technology – surveillance cameras assist with suspect identification and with verifying facts.  Assist officers with obtaining digital evidence to increase the likelihood of prosecution.

Stay safe!

Assistant Chief Darren Brodsky